Our wedding films, are crafted with the such TLC, and layers of storytelling that will keep you watching from the first minute!  Wedding days are a super magical time, but there is no question that it moves quickly.  We always hear " That went so fast, I'm so glad you are here"

Creating a wedding film is like creating a real life movie that your closest friends and family get to star in.  A film allows you to relive the day, hear your vows, see dad tearing up, see your best man moonwalk (or try) into the reception. It brings all the elements of joy and emotion as it depicts the love you and your partner share.  Wedding Films can be a beautiful compliment to photography and the storytelling it provides.  We are a talented team of cinematographers and love what we do!   

 As a  boutique studio we take on limited bookings to provide the best capture and storytelling of your event.   

Grab your favourite wine, some popcorn and cuddle up to watch some of our favourite love stories.



(3 - 5 Minutes)

Our Highlight Films, are a candid capture of your wedding day.  A five minute film to share some of the most magical highlights of your big day.  This film is a carefully crafted love story; it focuses on your story and although may be shorter in length,  it is still packed with emotion and fun.



(7 - 10 Minutes)

Our Short Films are a creative cinematic approach to your wedding. This film shares more of everything! They typically run 10 minutes in length and are our most popular package,  We love having the opportunity to be with you and your bridal party in the morning to capture the fun and excitement of what lies ahead.   Our films take a candid approach to how your day naturally unfolds.  Our cinema team are visual storytellers with an eye for moments.  This film will captivate and deliver you the emotions you felt when you married your best friend. 


(15-18 Minutes)

Our Feature Films, are just that.  A Feature Cinematic story that won't leave a dry eye in the room.  This film, has it all.  The excitement the build up, the love and emotion, the fun and dancing, the heart felt words from loved ones, there is no story untold with our Feature Film. Our creative approach is inspired by the love that radiates from our couples.  Your wedding film is something to cherish for a lifetime and our standards are nothing less than excellence for our clients.



( PREVIEWed the day of the Wedding)

You heard us right!  Same Day Edits! You may be thinking what does that mean?

Well a Same Day Edit, is a recap of your wedding shown on THE SAME DAY OF THE WEDDING!  I know, exciting right!  These are very popular, and something that guests love to watch during the reception.  It makes them feel like they were there with them throughout the day, and gives them the opportunity to watch the fun unfold. 

Here are some examples!


Concept Films are similar to "Engagement shoots" in the photography world.  It is a film that specifically crafted for you before your wedding day.  We meet with you sit down and decide what about you as a couple you want to share with your guests.  Most times Concept Films are paired and shown on the day of the wedding as an intro to your Same Day Edit.  Our Trailers are a collection of both Styled Editorial Shoots and One Minute Films that you receive just ONE WEEK after your wedding!! 

Here are some examples below