This feedback is exactly why we do what we do!  We absolutely love hearing from the amazing couples we are so lucky to work with! 

~ Laura & Curt ~ 

Selecting Corinne to capture our special day on video was a simple choice.  The only thing more impressive than her extensive resume is her finished product.  The proof is in the pudding.  Corinne is a consummate professional and was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She captured our most treasured memories from the wedding and compiled them into a beautifully edited video that we love sharing with pride.  Our video is our favourite keepsake and it's without a doubt the best way to reflect back on our special day. Thank you Corinne.

xo Laura and Curt

~ Niki + James ~ 

Hi Corinne,

Just a quick note again of thanks. We showed my family the video this weekend and it was simply just amazing. Thank you for capturing the beauty of the event and the love that was shared by all.

James and I really can't thank you enough. 

Xoxoox and happy holidays! 

 - Father of the Bride - Niki + James


I gotta say I had high expectations for this video but you exceeded them 10 fold.  Absolutely brilliant from start to finish.  You have a very bright future in this business!

Again thank you!


~ Elana & Steven ~ 

Hi Corinne,

The video was so great - it was so special to watch and relive those days....the kleenex came in handy!

Thanks so much!


~ Stephanie + Jay ~ 

Ohhhh my GOSH!! You are a FREAKING genius!!!! It is so so so SOOOO good. I cannot wait to show everyone else - thank you so much for so beautifully capturing our day - I cannot thank you enough!!! 

Stephanie + Jay


~ Nicole + Sean~ 

Hi Corinne,

WOW, we can not thank you enough for the incredible job you did on the same day edit. It was SO beautiful to watch it with all of our guests...not a dry eye in the entire room. THANK YOU!!!! We have watched it A MILLION times since last night and I cry every time hahaha

Nicole + Sean 


~ Sabrina + Joey ~ 


Joey and I cannot thank you enough for everything you did yesterday!! We had the best day and we were so happy to have you there to capture it all. We both looked at each other after the same day edit was done and said "we're going to watch that 1000 times over again". You captured our day perfectly and we cannot thank you enough. We can't wait to watch it over and over and to see our full length video and relive the day. 

Thank you for being such a dream to work with and making things so easy for us!! 

Lots of love, 

Sabrina & Joey 

~ MISHA + JOE ~ 

Hi Corinne,

We got it and it's amazing! Words cannot describe how Misha and I feel after seeing how you were able to capture our special day!  Literally I am speechless. We are so thankful for everything you did and love having you there to be apart of our celebration.  You have gone above and beyond our expectations and we couldn't be happier with everything.  We have watched it for the last hour over and over again!  

THANK YOU! XOXO Joe and Misha



Omg I have finally recovered from my tears. It is absolutely perfect! Thank you so so much. We love it!!

Nanki & Doug



I cried an ugly cry, laughed hysterically, danced along to the music and relived the most magical day of our lives thanks to you!! You are so talented and have an incredible ability to capture emotion through film.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you. The finished product is more than we ever could have wished for, and better than we ever imaged.  Two hearts one story is the perfect tag line for what you do and what you are able to create.  Thank you for letting our story be one of yours.  And to top it off, you put together the perfect care package for us to enjoy an evening of film. 

Thank you!! 

We love you!! 

Sabrina & Joey




First of all, what an absolutely lovely little package! The kleenex were the perfect touch. Secondly and most important... What a beautiful capture of the day! Anthony and I both are so overwhelmed and in love with it!!! You and your team are so talented, and I am so so so very glad that our planner was able to connect us! 




We absolutely love it, you and your team are so very talented and we are so happy you were there to capture our wedding day.

Many thanks, 

Tori and Greg 



Oh wow we are blown away! What an incredible film you have created. We watched it a moment ago and were struck by the artful way you told the story and brought the magic of that evening to life. Thank you :)

~ LiSA + JAY ~

Corinne!!!! We are speechless!  You've captured the heart and soul of the most amazing day of our lives!  We watched it several times yesterday and cried each time.  The tissue included in the package was a nice touch and definitely needed!


Corinne, it is extremely clear to us that you are a film maker, not a "wedding videographer". It felt like you hand picked your team based on their strengths. The level of coordination and communication amongst yourselves and the photographers was excellent. Lastly, it was clear that you all have a passion for what you do and this is likely why the results are/were so creative and professional. 


Hi Corinne, 

I just wanted to send you another quick Thank you!! Our wedding video is seriously SOO amazing I can't stop watching it. You were such a pleasure to work with and really captured the best moments of the day. The voice-over's are so well done. The package you sent was so cute with the tissues and candy (we needed the tissues). The video really allowed us to relive our day and feel every emotion again. 

You seriously are the best in the biz and did the BEST job with our film! Can't wait to re-watch this for years to come!!! 

Olivia and Luca XO 


Hi Corinne,

Thank you so much! Anthony and I just watched it and just W O W. let’s just say those Kleenex you gave us fame in handy. I honestly cannot thank you enough for everything you have done. Both videos are beyond what I could have even imagined. Thank you !!! 


We love it soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

This video is truly amazing!!! We relived that magical day and will keep reliving over and over again. WE are truly grateful for you and your team!! We love you all.


Hi Corinne,

Oh my goodness, we cannot stop watching (I need to lock my computer in another room so that I can get some work done haha). Thank you for bringing tears of joy to our eyes! We cannot wait to share the video with our family over the break. Everyone is so excited to relive the magic!

Thank you so much again for creating such beautiful memories for us