It is such a pleasure to meet with my clients and hear about their unique story. No two are the same, and each beautiful moment will be captured for you to relive for years to come.  As a small boutique studio we take on limited bookings to provide the best capture and storytelling of your event.  We love spending the day around your friends and family and getting to know everyone as we move like ninja's and document all your big moments!  Sometimes you don't even know we are there and that is what makes reliving the day so neat.  

Watching moments that may have slipped your mind or catching an adorable glance between the bride and groom.  We look for it all!! We live to tell the story of how you two are special and perfect for each other. 



We recently had the opportunity to work with Yuriko and Ritesh who celebrated their love with an extraordinary two day wedding filled with culture and traditions.  This event was a blending of Japanese- Irish and Indian Cultures.  It was so unique and fun that we just had to create a trailer to take you on the journey.  Enjoy this sneak peek !